The No Name Poet

I am but a mere poet, wielding our greatest gifts as humans: words.

Fake Bitch (Iggy Diss)

Iggy Iggy what’s that sound
That sound when you pretend that your town
Wasn’t Sydney, Australia but in your songs
That accent you using bitch what’s wrong
Did Young Money change your voice, nah you changed by choice
Your voice is as fake as your ass but stop pretending you’re a ghetto rapper from Detroit
Stop pretending you’re Little Kim or Nicki Minaj hell there’s a better rapper than you named Raj
He works as customer support and smokes blunts in his garage
But if you were just a shitty “rapper”, I’d leave you alone
Because there’s lots of those screaming baking soda on my radio
But if you look at your twitter you find you’re even worse
Then the shit you call rap when fake voice spits a verse

Poor Until I Die

Everyone around me always seems to die and I wonder why
I’ve gotten so used to loss I’ve forgotten how to cry
It made me chronically depressed and I get all of this lovely college stress
I’m all alone. I don’t know how long I can go on living like this
Lord knows I’ve tried to be a guy who doesn’t just steal and lie
But I’m poor so I get drunk and do what I have to to get by
Then my friend turns on his TV and, watching, I realize
The world doesn’t want to help me, I’ll be poor until the day I die.

Will I Survive

Always working, never have enough time
To maybe eat or really remotely enjoy life
Then I have my mind filling me with bad thoughts
Like how one day I’ll have to watch my mother go in the ground
And I’ll have to move on with my life
How will I react? Will I survive?
It makes me not even want to find out
It makes me so miserable that I scream and shout
But it makes no noise.
So I sit quietly frozen in my poise
Empty. Unable to even feel the pain
I try to prod the feelings out with unhappy refrains
In the music because I’d rather cry than feel like this
Because when I’m numb I don’t even think I exist.


I try to pretend that you’re not there
I wish I could say that I don’t care
But I’m trying to fall asleep and still can smell your hair
Even though I haven’t seen you in over 4 years
How is it that you’re still on mind?
I want to text and see if you’re still doing fine
But it’s late at night and you’re probably asleep
And even though you remember us you’re not thinking of me
But I’ll sleep and occasionally cuddle with you in a dream
But our lives are so vastly different I know that’s all that’ll ever be.

The Drug Addict

It’s the first of the month I wake up and get my welfare check
Off to my dealer to spend it all that’s what happens next
I’m addicted to drugs and I stay out all night
Come back at at least 3 in the morning high
Momma is crying and it turns into a fight
Because she is so afraid of how I’m gon die
I can’t lie, deep down I want help so my fam
Doesn’t have to worry about me getting slammed
A little too hard to the point where my heart
Stops beating and can’t be saved by any ER
I know they love and I love them so I wanna quit
But despite all this I’m addicted let me get a hit.


The Movement

Cries of “Black Lives Matter” rain down on the streets
Exposure of police brutality are revealed by more and more tweets
We all know the problem at hand and have a choice
How many more people are we going to let cops choke
And shoot and kill with reason
Before they’re punished for taking our freedom
The chants continue but so do the tales
Which makes me wonder if this movement is doomed to fail
Because cops aren’t getting any less violent
I just lock my doors and stay inside at night

The Game of Life

The room doesn’t worry me, I’ve always been alone
No thanks I need no coat I’m used to the cold
What is happiness and compassion to a man without a soul
Let people lie to you and say your life matters to the world
You’re just like me, another piece in their game
So pieces are bigger than others due to salary and fame
But we will never have power we can try to fight back
But they’re just break us in half, we’re just another piece, snap
We love reading dystopias like the Hunger Games or Orwell
They’re there to distract us from the dystopia we live in this is hell
They control us with religions and thoughts
If we fight back we get shot up by the cops
But if only this was the only way, if rebels were just shot
But no, if it was that simple something survives from that: a thought
Like this poem. So they fool us into seeing change
By shifting paradigms, our perception they rearrange
I refuse to play so I’m left on the side
Ignored by everyone not even given a bed to lie
I could shout and try to be heard but no one would hear my cry
So I just sit here in my cell jotting poetry while I periodically sigh.

In The Same Spot

I keep telling myself I’ll move on
That I would forget these stupid songs
That trigger depression and ruin my night
And make so unhappy but I can’t take my life
So I’m left sitting just wishing I never existed
Because my mind has been demented and twisted
By the cold cruel world I live or maybe it was just
Always like this and I was just born messed up
Maybe the doctors are right and I have some disorders
But the medicine doesn’t help it just makes me colder
My home feels like a prison and I’m trapped
I have the key to get out and have a map
But I’m paralyzed by depression so I just sit here and jot
Through my tears how much it sucks that I’m in this same fucking spot


In all these disadvantages I’m drowning
Because anybody who takes a pounding
Finds no justice because the courts will just say fuck us
Police in riot gear silence us with tear gas and dust ups
If you’re poor you don’t get a choice because money talks
You don’t get a voice you get a third shift and a five mile walk
But don’t worry just work hard, go to college, and get a job
And ignore the student debt that’ll make you live with mom
It’s just capitalism and all fair play
It why people immigrate to the United States
To be oppressed and live on the streets and handle unsanitary meats
And work in the fields in the dead of the summer’s heat
We’ve worked hard and what were we given?
A good job and a house to live in?
Nope we are still poor and live behind locked doors
Afraid to open our mail, can’t afford medical treatment for
Well…. Anything. Any condition at all
But we get to see people who have cars
And wear fancy suits but lack any heart
Tell us relief is coming. Feeding us bullshit
Because they’ve said that since the revolution
So I sit unable to pay my bills crying without making sounds
Wishing that there was a pond for me to go drown

College Classes

All these people slavishly typing
Doing what they’re supposed to because they’re on stipend
I’m sweating I feel like I’m trapped in this hell
To me, college classes are like jail without bail
My body shakes and I take a deep breath
Try to convince myself it’s all in my head
I don’t know what’s wrong but I don’t want to be here
Forced to sit in a lecture pretend that I care
Maybe there’s just something wrong with me and my mind
Because what I’m supposed to do I can’t no matter how hard I try


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