The No Name Poet

I am but a mere poet, wielding our greatest gifts as humans: words.

Arguing About Current Events

That man dies but I can’t see
There’s injustice but don’t tell me
I am not racist so I’m just going to ignore
That these cops will probably kill people some more
Refusing to see it could happen to my friends
Then I’d have to cry listening to a reverend
It make me uncomfortable to read
It’s not my issue why should I make a scene
I’m not a cop I’m not getting shot
I’m much more worried about my grades being hot

You may not be racist but listen to this
You have this thing called white privilege, it exists
It is when you can block a status or a tweet
And just worry about the finals you want to defeat
Hands up don’t shoot may not apply to you
But you have the power to help our brothers to get through
Black lives matter I yell with my hands up
Because you don’t know how much their lives suck

Why just black lives? All lives are important
And what privilege I can’t even pay my rent!
Stop pulling the race card people die everyday
Leave the cops alone they must be brave
To put lives on the line while try to detect
Crime and us try to protect

Shooting us is great protection
Especially using skin color as crime detection
All lives are not under attack
The people being killed are black
I’m not saying you’re the problem but please just admit
There’s major race problems in this country for people who want to live
The KKK is still alive and well
Hell they even tweeted about Wilson’s not in jail
Using the same slurs that enslaved a race
So tell me this isn’t a problem to my face

Why is there hunger?

We can spend hundreds on suits but can’t give everyone food
Congress gets to do nothing but we arrest kids in the hood
We spend money creating rags to riches stories instead of
Giving that to someone
I’m literally starving myself to get through school
And you’re spending money to create a room
For a guy singing surrounded by girls
I’m trying to get into healthcare why the fuck am I poor?
Don’t even get me started on the veterans who risk their lives
And how do we give thanks? Ignore them while they cause themselves to die
We spend money on sets and commercials
Yet people get bullied and called controversial
When we say that it’s wrong because we won’t play along
With the class divide that let you get her out her thong
Because I’m trying to build a life for myself
A life of keeping people in good health
But I have no money and I’m skipping meals
Praying to God “get me through this ordeal”
But in the end I’m just left with this art
I guess when I starve to death this will be how one sees my heart

Time For an Uprising


In grade school they call it conspiracy theories
But now you can see the powers say “fear me”
The abuse of authority we are told to ignore
To the innocent murdered who we’re told are folk lore
Tensions rise as we scream “no more!”
Of these ridiculous problems we’re told to ignore
Some come out and our buildings ignite
So media can point to us for ignorance tonight
Enough is enough it’s time for us to fight
Before the cops go ahead and make us all see that light
Students are missing, tear gas is thrown
Police raise their weapons shouting “go home”
China wants freedom and Mexico wants answers
All these injustices are forming one large cancer
Now these problems have started to boil over
It’s time to tell them “your reign of fear is over”

Choose to Rise

We all got problems, some big and some small
From not having a meal to some girl that won’t call
But focus on our government here in the states
Because recently there’s problems there I can’t take
Anymore most of them focused on perceived war
Watch out for ISIS and Ebola they’re the real wars
While police are causing people to cover their shops with boards
So much for your motto of “protect and serve”
Because you’re shooting kids who are unarmed
But we shouldn’t worry because black that kid was
Then we go out and protest in peace
Because we feel it’s unfair he’s deceased
Police don’t like that so they roll in on tanks
And laugh as they throw tear gas all over my face
The news networks tell us it’s not big deal
Just focus on Ebola and mock the presidential seal
And ISIS is coming! But, hmmm just wait.
Is that not a problem that we did create
I’d say check the history books but they’re being wiped clean
Of any injustices that might guilt you and me
Slavery is over so is the fight for civil rights!
There is no such thing as privilege of the white!
We are completely equal, her you and I
“Then might I get equal pay?” Now hold on and hear why
Women get free drinks from all of us men
“But what about us?” Shut it lesbians!
So our problem seems to be the denial that everyone has
Problems even the American government
And with every problem you get a choice
Find a solution or choose to avoid
By sweeping it under the rug
Ignoring people calling black kids thugs
And I’m not saying live like Lord of the Flies
But the potential for 1984 is on the rise
And now we have a choice, yes you and I
Ignore this problem and find a solution and rise

What’s The Point?

Up late again studying and for what?
Sure, I might graduate and get the job I want
But then I get old and die
Then what’s the point? Just lie
In a casket and be with God
At first it will be quite nice to relax and lie
And stay there until the end of time
That never comes, what a conundrum
This could become if I find heaven to be a bum
This reward is quite abstract
So why am I working through sickness and breaking my back
Just to get to a place I might not even like
As Biggie told me it makes no sense to wear all white
When you grew up wearing black,
Breaking rules and weren’t afraid to attack
I love you God but I wouldn’t fit
With all your loyal rule following kids
But I guess it’s your decision on when my shitty life ends
But before it does, could you answer this one simple question
And, if necessary, show me a demonstration
What’s the point?

All Alone Again

I sit all alone and I fight
The urge to drank ethanol and make this my last night
Horny as can be, but no friends in sight to see
And certainly no lady to for me to call baby
I work hard just to pay my bills
And try to live yet I’ve become ill
Am I doing something wrong by watching this girl take off her thong
I try to respect women but damn her legs are so long
So I’m left conflicted, shy and introverted
Then there are so many arguments over who supposed-
Ly have rights and can be denied
I just sit here looking between this girl’s
Numbed to the world but these useless desires
That freeze to me to a point to retire
From the social commotion and fairy tale dreams
About happily ever after, her and me
I blame being single on working all day
But it’s my fault I do it to stay away
From intimacy where I have to choose love or sex
Because I’m damaged and don’t know they can be mixed

Love Crushes

You like the girl and she likes you
So you get together, just you two
You think you know each other and start to date
I’m excited for our dinner at eight
But just ask Eminem it’s a sick love game
No one is perfect, we’re all insane
We grow so attached to that girl or boy
That without we become totally destroyed
And would do anything for one last dance
Or a walk where you are holding hands
But they’ve moved on, that thing you can’t
Seem to do. And now you are getting out of hand
Drinking all night living songs The Script wrote
Desperately trying to please a person you’re unwanted by
You flip your life upside down
In a desperate attempt to not drown
In this ocean of pain
But you’re drifting away
Just to become a shark’s fresh prey
But they don’t want you to call them bae
They want to claw your back and scream your name
But after a while the fun in that goes away
And your left sitting there feeling empty
Pleading with God and you pray
In between hits of the blunts
And shots of 151
Knowing could save you but that girl, she was the one.

From Hunger to Suicide

They tell me don’t get high and I should try to make a living
I told that I’m high and I’d rather make a killing
They tell me go to college if I want make a million
But look at student debt, over a million I’d be paying
So instead I’m on this city street corner drug dealing
No federal taxes or debt, so I’m rich damn
Then they wonder why we headed to streets
Trying to make money and avoid the police
Back when you was a kid, you go to college
Get a degree and that degree got you a job
But now it just is a paper
That earns you a room in your mama’s basement
Now you hungry wandering the pavement
Wondering when God gon come and save ya
But there’s no free lunch in the streets
You can try to steal and risk getting beat
This economy fucked for all but the number one
Percent of people who are living good
Who don’t know what it’s like to go days without food
Then these assholes ask why I’m in bad mood
It makes me wanna buy a gun and shoot
Them in the face. No wonder we get drink and get high
And rap about suicide, hunger makes you wanna die
That ain’t no lie why don’t you help us? Of course you have no reply.

Rise Above Life

Bills. Exams. Jobs. Try to keep up!
What’s that? You can’t? Then you suck.
The ability to succeed is based on these
This tells us if, to heaven, you get the keys
Because that’s something us humans get to decide
Anyone who can’t keep up or get a bride
Has a disorder or is just a waste of life
They aren’t useful so who cares if their neck gets a knife
Then we wonder people are always looking over their shoulder
How far with violence we have come from just growing boulders
But why the hell are we fighting
Throwing shade and constantly spiting?
Shooting with guns,
Hell we do it for fun
Mind so fucked by the world
What’s right and wrong anymore?
You don’t know because this isn’t something we can ask
No we are way too focused on our pointless tasks
File this. Copy that. Can’t you see it’s all bullshit?
It makes my head spin and want to quit
Because this is not the thing I came to do
I was given intellect imma sure as fuck use
Don’t tell me no I’m not afraid to abuse
You men in suits with the violence I learned from you
You made me this open your mouth so I can take a stand
And you piss in your mouth like that guy who was it that band
That nobody knew, hell I’m not new
Look at the people who decided to sniff glue
And writes songs in the fifties about being blue
But you tell me I’m a failure
“You? Yeah it’s time to jail ya”

Protests. Riots. Questions. These still confirm life.
The ability to not be oppressed and suffer this strife
That oppressive big brother no one can see or pinpoint
It’s time for us to them that standing for this is something we won’t.

I Walk Alone

Somehow it’s it always me alone, walking
With all these voices my head I’m talking
Wondering who I am and if I’m okay
Because when I talk no one gets what I’m tryna say
Guess that’s why I never get a bae
And walk to a place to slave my life away
Just tryna blend with the rest of the crowd
Whole there’s voice in me shouting out
All my beliefs. They don’t shut up
Or agree with others so I hear “what the fuck”
Whenever they leave my mouth
Why am I different it fills me with doubts
And apprehensions that are beyond my comprehension
Landing me in detention and to disagree with social conventions
And the rules and all considered norms
Why? I guess I just don’t want life to be a bore.


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