The No Name Poet

I am but a mere poet, wielding our greatest gifts as humans: words.


I’m trapped.
In this classroom, but that doesn’t stop my mind
From running away to a far away land in
My imagination. Oh! What a sensation!
Illumination! Such elucidation!
I am no longer bound by facts and structure
I am free.
Free to wander these city streets
Free to wander the roads of Italy
Race in a Ferrari on the tracks in Sicily
Or admire paintings in Venice
Talk to the Pope in Rome
Or go to an Eagles game and yell
Or maybe just rap alone somewhere
Gone are these meddlesome restrictions
“There’s only one answer! Suits only, no jerseys!
Be cultured you primitive sports fan!”
If only they knew
The eloquent side of you
They’d never guess how often I write
Even if fancy food isn’t my kind of bite
Sure I don’t like suits
But wait, something is pulling me back in
I heard exam and due to fear, my dream’s dying
I want to go back to when I wasn’t trapped
I look but there’s no chance, that train of thought has snapped.

Lost Time

You were the girl I always wanted to know
But now you’re the woman I’ll never get to hold
I’ll admit the sound of your name still stirs my soul
Sam. I haven’t seen her in a year or so
Her beautiful blonde hair flowing in the wind
Okay maybe nothing was blowing in the wind
But we could talk and just be ourselves
But then life stepped in and made us something else
Now I’m stuck in my apartment with her in my brain
With the hope that she might be doing the same


“Why are our kids in the streets?”
Because I need something to eat
“What about a job and school?”
You really must not see
“See what? You go to college and get a job”
No, nowadays to survive we gotta break the law
You grew up in a different age where less people starved,
Where someone who made it through college was guaranteed a job
There was structure you could succeed in

But times have changed

Now we’re stuck in the hood with no chance to get out
If we got out is it really better out there
The ghetto ain’t the only place people die anymore
People starve in suburbs and hoods alike
Don’t worry the government will tell you it’s under control
But the only structure they have is stealing your soul
I’m not advocating for humanism or complete anarchy
But I’m tired of looking over my shoulder to just buy some Doritos
I got into college and out the hood
New rules less obedience
More bills less money
More information less knowledge
More testing less learning
More diplomas less… No unemployment went up

Here I Am Again

Loneliness poems piss me off
Especially when I write them
Why can’t I be stronger?
Or, you know, just not be lonely?
Somehow I end up here
Emotionally destroyed right down to the core
Writing because my pen never leaves
It just dies and get replaced


We are all humans, trying to survive
So, logically, we take each other’s lives
Wars around the world, fighting over the dollar
Or the differences in appearances “I can shoot him, I’m taller
His skin is different so he must die”
No wonder kids in high school cry
Being made fun and told to get in line
Why do we kill over the petty shit not inside
Of their heart, he’s such a caring kid
He gets it and doesn’t care about your wig
Or how you talk, or the color of skin
Or your money or to whom you’re the next of kin
But society categorizes you based on your color,
Cash and what the fuck stop it! Don’t kill em!
People are dying! Schools being shot up!
There’s so much pain people drink poison THEY poured in their own cup!
How many people have to die before we get it?
Maybe the kids should teach and the rest of us should sit
Learn a lesson we’re all the same
Except for the petty differences we create and put in the way.

Blind Support

Holding signs condemning people you don’t know
Protesting for people with whom you’ve never even spoke
Both sides of the arguments wash the obedient brain
Abusing the power they’ve obtained through fame
Where’s the truth? Can it even be found?
They speak but say nothing so I doubt
If the truth can be discerned from a man in a suit
Putting up all of the obstacles in the pursuit
Of truth, making it stretch
Like it’s about to take a fitness test
Have you ever stopped to know what you blindly support?
What angle they play and who they extort
If you did you might redirect your voice
To people who you once shouted for


I have every kind of problem left and right
And it makes me wonder what I have in life
A bunch of health problems I can’t afford
Bills I can’t pay galore. Why am I in this world?
I have friends but I can’t get close
Why, you ask? The hell if I know
What do I have have in life?
I guess just have the poems I write
Do they suck? Maybe
But it’s the best art to come out of me


My father could walk past me, I’d never know
He wouldn’t either, and this thought can make me go
Insane. Or not. Because it doesn’t bother me.
Most of the time. You see?
No matter what I say is he not a part of me?
It feels like I’m making this way too easy
Suppression? Could that lead to regression
And result in pure downright depression
My mom has tried to put me in therapy sessions
All that did is increase my angry aggression
I have plenty of time to think of that in my house all alone
While mom is working night shift to get money of her own

Can’t Let Go

I left you once, I left you twice
But for whatever reason, you’re my vice
I really wish that I could know
The reason I can’t let you go

Feel Your Life

“Life is short”
Yeah, I’ve heard that before
“Just live your life”
Wait. Maybe I want something more
Anyone can life a life boring to the core
And just keep breathing, never experiencing anything
Life is nothing without feeling things in your heart
So throw away the structure
Color outside the lines
Don’t be fearful of poetry that doesn’t rhyme
These are rules straight from someone else’s brain.
A brain just like yours.
So don’t let rules hold you back and feel your life!
“Feel my life?”
Yes! Feel everything!
Such deep pain that you can hold back the tears
And such jubilant joy that you can do nothing but dance.
Laugh and cry while you still can.
“But the rules are there to protect us.”
They’re more like guidelines.
You see, anyone can sit quietly
Color within the lines
Connect the dots in the proper order
Write poems in iambic pentameter with rhyming
But that’s just living.
Just. Only.
“There’s more than just living?”
So much more.
There’s pure freedom
Uninhibited emotion
Anyone can live, but a real person feels.


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