The No Name Poet

I am but a mere poet, wielding our greatest gifts as humans: words.

Rise Above Life

Bills. Exams. Jobs. Try to keep up!
What’s that? You can’t? Then you suck.
The ability to succeed is based on these
This tells us if, to heaven, you get the keys
Because that’s something us humans get to decide
Anyone who can’t keep up or get a bride
Has a disorder or is just a waste of life
They aren’t useful so who cares if their neck gets a knife
Then we wonder people are always looking over their shoulder
How far with violence we have come from just growing boulders
But why the hell are we fighting
Throwing shade and constantly spiting?
Shooting with guns,
Hell we do it for fun
Mind so fucked by the world
What’s right and wrong anymore?
You don’t know because this isn’t something we can ask
No we are way too focused on our pointless tasks
File this. Copy that. Can’t you see it’s all bullshit?
It makes my head spin and want to quit
Because this is not the thing I came to do
I was given intellect imma sure as fuck use
Don’t tell me no I’m not afraid to abuse
You men in suits with the violence I learned from you
You made me this open your mouth so I can take a stand
And you piss in your mouth like that guy who was it that band
That nobody knew, hell I’m not new
Look at the people who decided to sniff glue
And writes songs in the fifties about being blue
But you tell me I’m a failure
“You? Yeah it’s time to jail ya”

Protests. Riots. Questions. These still confirm life.
The ability to not be oppressed and suffer this strife
That oppressive big brother no one can see or pinpoint
It’s time for us to them that standing for this is something we won’t.

I Walk Alone

Somehow it’s it always me alone, walking
With all these voices my head I’m talking
Wondering who I am and if I’m okay
Because when I talk no one gets what I’m tryna say
Guess that’s why I never get a bae
And walk to a place to slave my life away
Just tryna blend with the rest of the crowd
Whole there’s voice in me shouting out
All my beliefs. They don’t shut up
Or agree with others so I hear “what the fuck”
Whenever they leave my mouth
Why am I different it fills me with doubts
And apprehensions that are beyond my comprehension
Landing me in detention and to disagree with social conventions
And the rules and all considered norms
Why? I guess I just don’t want life to be a bore.

Money Crushes

People go to fancy restaurants and eat nice food
While I sit alone hungry wishing I understood
Why my jobs aren’t enough
Why I always have to be tough
Why am I always in these conditions rough
While everyone else gets to do what they love
Meanwhile I can’t even afford a doctor
Or basic nutritional needs from the store
It leaves me desperate and just taking a drink
The influence of alcohol just helps my heart sink
While I cough and grow things all over my arm
Wondering if they’re going to fatally harm
Me. Meanwhile my bills pile up on the table
I see them everyday, paying them? I’m barely able
By the aid of 3 jobs and some welfare
Sometimes I just sit around with a blank stare
Asking when this gets easy
When the rich can stop being greedy
And I can stop being poor
And life becomes something more

Life Crushes

As grow old you realize nothing is given in this world
Except pain and suffering for you to deal with on your own
You may meet people along the way
Who temporarily make you happy
But people come and go, forever only lasts until death
It breaks people to the point of doing crazy things like meth
Love, happiness is this a sham?
Is this life all one great scam?
Am I a cynic with a bad life?
Could there really be a happy life?

The World in Full Vision

Think about the world before man touched it
Think about the beauty that you could get lost in
But then came man and built skyscrapers to sit in
But we can’t appreciate that, we’re late to our meeting
But think about the machines and the systems we built
Never stopping to think “should this cause any guilt?”
Or never stopping to admire what we’ve made
Seriously go peruse a city, take time from your day
The city is beautiful but think about the work
The weak, the poor, desperate, that’s who we extort
These works we destroy in war
War? What the hell for?
Bombing the homes of humans just like us
“You’ve been enslaved, now get on this bus”
You spent billions to build it, then millions to destroy
These buildings affect lives, they aren’t just your toys
But somehow nature’s beauty is lost in the chaos
People think only one can win, that is their loss
Each has their own unique charm
While each to the other poses great harm
A war amongst cultures and amongst people
Causes people to turn for relief to a steeple
This is sheer madness, this you must know
Yes isn’t always the answer, learn to say no
Probably not so our death won’t take long
As I sit here writing poetry and songs
Longing for a day where all humans can all get along
And Martin Luther King will happily say “I was not wrong”

The Rules

Sit down and raise your hand
No. You are not allowed to stand
Not until the class ends
No, rules aren’t something we can bend
Why? Because rules are rules
Questioning them makes you a fool
Order makes all things to smoother
See, look how nice this new girl
Is the epitome of obedience
You can see how she wants to dance
But she sits and does her paper
That’s how you can tell a thinker
From a lazy no good slacker
Intelligence is all about the right letter
“But what if I want more?”
Now be careful you fool
Thinking is only good when it’s the thinking we
Tell you is what is correct for you to see
This censorship is for your protection
Keep bad things from your young perception
“This is brainwashing you whore
Have you never read 1984
That’s where obedience and structure send you
Far far away from freedom
Where truth is so twisted that no one knows
Call me I’m threat I’m channeling Frost
Taking paths trodden by no one else
You say do, I ask why
You have no reason so I don’t oblige
For example, why should poems rhyme?
You don’t know, come on at least give it a try
No? Then keep discussing structure, ignoring what’s inside”
There’s only one message!
“Bullshit that’s a lie. There’s only one message
You want us to hear. Education is about tests not knowledge
Memorize and recite is no way for lasting intellect
Question the norms and what you’re told
Or else you’re someone asking to be controlled.”

How is This?

I wish I understood why I never got over you
It’s been years since I saw you in minutes few
Yet every time I find a girl that could be with me
Being with you reappears in my dreams
How can one girl have put me under such a spell
After all these years I can still remember how you smell
But we are in different majors, different states
Different colleges how could we ever make
This work? See now that’s when it starts to hurt
Because it makes me happy to Skype you after work
But I know that getting to see you will never happen
Jesus Christ, could you please explain this connection between I and Sam
Is this some twisted test that’s all part of your plan?
Because quite honesty I would love to just hold her hand
One more time, but airplanes are so expensive
To get you back, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give

Art is Living

Art takes on a life of its own
Speaking to everyone who comes in its zone
Whether it is a picture frozen in time
Or a poem built up line by line
Or music indicative of a particular time
Or actors not merely reciting their lines
Even dancers whose moves bend your mind
All of this art is unique, one of a kind
And if it’s really good, its life transcends time
To everyone, a different message is imparted
No one is the same as they were when they started
Art is not merely just alive
It is hard at work changing lives
By letting people of all ages see
Their inspiration and what their verse should be
Everyone has these skills inside
They just have to be able to bring them to life


I sit here all by myself
Unable to fit in with these people who have wealth
I’m broke just praying I can pay my bills
But people like me tend to jump off the window sill
So I can’t fit in with people who struggle
I work all the time, college and jobs I juggle
They have a higher class of taste and like nice things
Hard for me to relate when I’ve never had air conditioning
I’m that person who doesn’t fit in the norm
Who just awkwardly wandered around his dorm
Now I sit and write in my apartment
Wondering how I fit in life like what department
Of the world am I to work, with whom
Am I to be with or am I just in this alone


We meet and get along
But deep down I know it won’t last long
Something will happen that will cause me to hate
Then something will make you turn to an angry state
See, no how much I like you at first
Or how carefully our relationship I nurse,
Or how pretty I find you
It can never be us two
I’m not capable of loving anymore
Seen too many bad things to trust a pretty girl


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