The No Name Poet

I am but a mere poet, wielding our greatest gifts as humans: words.

Can’t Let Go

I left you once, I left you twice
But for whatever reason, you’re my vice
I really wish that I could know
The reason I can’t let you go

Feel Your Life

“Life is short”
Yeah, I’ve heard that before
“Just live your life”
Wait. Maybe I want something more
Anyone can life a life boring to the core
And just keep breathing, never experiencing anything
Life is nothing without feeling things in your heart
So throw away the structure
Color outside the lines
Don’t be fearful of poetry that doesn’t rhyme
These are rules straight from someone else’s brain.
A brain just like yours.
So don’t let rules hold you back and feel your life!
“Feel my life?”
Yes! Feel everything!
Such deep pain that you can hold back the tears
And such jubilant joy that you can do nothing but dance.
Laugh and cry while you still can.
“But the rules are there to protect us.”
They’re more like guidelines.
You see, anyone can sit quietly
Color within the lines
Connect the dots in the proper order
Write poems in iambic pentameter with rhyming
But that’s just living.
Just. Only.
“There’s more than just living?”
So much more.
There’s pure freedom
Uninhibited emotion
Anyone can live, but a real person feels.

Age Makes You Smarter?

It’s funny how the older we grow, the less we seem to know
The world becomes obscured by politics, religion, and chances blown
We grow cynical about the past and future of world
But take a moment, listen to the wisdom of a little girl
She has a clear view yet to be distorted
She has yet to find all the world has purported
She can look at the poor man and say we should share our food
She can see through my anger and show me there is good
She can accept someone that doesn’t look like her
She can be nice to people of other colors
And we still think that age makes us smarter.

Human Spirit

The will is the energy that fuels the spirit
Giving the power to overcome anything thrown at it
Causing a comeback in a game, staying alive,
The stubbornness to keep thinking of words that rhyme
Or drawing, whatever may be your creative outlet
The will is why the spirit never quits

But right now your spirit is under attack
That’ll never happen!” They’ll say and then laugh
You might listen to them and become afraid
That’s when you let your will hit empty
This is one surefire way to never get your dream
And end up alone with some tears and a scream
For help. But look to yourself,
After all, you’re the one who can put trophies on your bookshelf
You control how much will you give your spirit
And how free and creative you allow to be, it.

Oppressed Anger

“I have authority.”
Who gave it you?
“Shut up and listen.”
But I’m not a fool.
The truth in your lies is what I see.
“Shut up and don’t think.”
Then hit me and make me angry
But you stole the power using money
And the color of your skin
“No, if you want in,
You have to stay in school,
And stop disobeying the law”

Those same laws ensure I’m noone
Stuck at the bottom without a ladder
I even have to ask if I can empty my bladder
“We’re so nice, why are you so angry?”
It’s because you take my money
Oppressing me with your commands
And not even meeting basic health demands
Afraid to go because of hospital bills
And not trusting them when they give me pills
So I’m sick and poor at a dead end job
No way to stop being a noone

The Dirty Man

I am the dirty man on the side of the road
Whose painful story goes completely unknown
“Kids stay away from him, his mind is out of control”
That’s because I have been left here to die alone
Like a broken toy or a stray cat
I sit and watch rich people become far too fat
You’re getting obese while I starve to death
Are you fucking kidding? Seriously, what the heck?
Maybe if you stopped and acknowledged me, I’d understand
But no one does, so now I have to go kill a man
Take the money from his incapable hands
I have no power so this is how I take a stand
Change? That isn’t easy for humans.

Supressed Pain

After 20 years of life I can’t control this pain
So I run until I pass out in this rain
If you don’t look closely you won’t see how I cry
After all these years, I can’t admit you died

Surprise (Not the Good Kind)

I am quiet and calm in total control
When suddenly anger and depression, where’d that come from?
Life is a series of ups and downs
I just can’t get my frown upside down
That’s why I sit here wasting my time
Jotting all about the troubles in my life
All while asking God why I should survive.


Locked up for life for trying to avoid a knife
Wrong place, now my future’s gone. How’s that right?
I’m the payment for society’s violent price.

Love is a Real Problem

Love is important no matter what people say
Because it can be the only reason one survives another day
While, at the same time, be the source of their pain
All these smiles, tears, and emotional strains
Love is the primary reason we live

“Your parents divorced? Suck it up child.
Your parents aren’t you, so why are you so wild?
Sit down in class, it’s not a real problem.”
Why are we so blind to the tears this has caused them?

“So what if your dad’s gone you never knew him.
Just forget about him. He’s not important.”
Says the one who grew up with both of their parents
Plus you brought it up so now I’m embarrassed

“Your girlfriend left? Move on the the next.”
How can I? “Just go out and have sex.
Why are you crying, there’s plenty of girls left”
Yeah, but they’re not the ones I loved with whom I was blessed.

Stop acting like these things aren’t real problems
All of these are as real and as solemn
As a family death, or a disease of depress
“Suck it up.” No, take a rest.
Deal with the struggle and conquer the pain
You are strong enough to live many more days


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